Windows PCs:
In the system tray (the area near the time in the bottom-right hand corner of most Windows PCs), check to see if the Voom logo  appears. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs, you may have to expand the system tray by clicking the ↑ arrow. If you see the icon, then Voom is running. 

In the Dock (the area at the bottom of the screen of most Mac OS X machines), check to see if the Voom logo  appears. If you see the icon, then Voom is running. To check if Voom is installed, open Applications and search for Voom or the Voom logo . If it appears in your Applications, then it is installed.

What to do if Voom is not running:
Locate Voom on your desktop or in your applications, and start Voom. It will start minimized in the dock/system tray. Repeat the above steps to verify that it has started.
On Window Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8: You can search for Voom to see if it is installed by clicking the start button, or bringing up the start screen, and typing "Voom" without quotes. If the icon for Voom appears, it is installed, and you can run it by clicking on it. 
On Windows XP: You can go to Start, Programs, and look for the Voom icon  .

On Mac OS X: You can look for Voom's icon  in Applications.

How To Install Voom for PC/Mac:

Follow the steps on the following page: